The Fastest IP Geolocation
Service on the Web

Find out where your website’s visitors are coming from.
Detect potential security threats. Easily optimize for user experience.

Real-Time IP to
Geolocation API

ClarifyIP offers a powerful, robust, fast, and economic geolocation API service capable of looking up accurate IP location data and assessing security threats originating from risky IP addresses.

ClarifyIP delivers results within milliseconds in JSON or XML format. Using the ClarifyIP API, you will locate website visitors immediately, helping you improve their user experience and your application accordingly.

Why Us?


ClarfiyIP’s stable infrastructure and reliable uptimes allow us to support businesses of all sizes and needs. Whether you need fewer than 10,000 monthly lookups or upwards of several million, we’ve got you covered.

Format Flexibility

ClarifyIP’s API is flexible, as it can deliver results in multiple formats, including JSON, JSONP, and XML.


Setting up ClarifyIP is seamless and quick. Thanks to our detailed documentation, anyone with some coding knowledge can handle the entire process in no more than a few minutes.

Key Features

Location Detection

Identify where your users are coming from instantly to make implementing GEO restrictions or optimizing ad targeting easier.

Time Zone Identification

Easily detect your users’ time zone to provide a more personalized browsing experience.

Device Locator

Find out the devices your visitors use when browsing your website and make serving device-specific content a breeze.

Website and App Protection

Stay on top of potential threats to your website or app through our advanced bot and invalid traffic detection system.

Other Features


Block suspicious IPs in just a few clicks to get rid of bots and invalid traffic.

Analytics and Segmentation

Track API requests through a single, intuitive dashboard and segment data by website or number of requests.


Our technical support team is readily available to help you implement ClarifyIP API or with any issues you may come across.