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Request parameters

ClarifyIP’s primary endpoint is used to look up single IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. To call this endpoint, simply attach any IPv4 or IPv6 address to the API’s base URL.

API Request:


Request Parameters:

Parameter Value
key [required] Access key. Sign up to run API Requests.
ip [optional] Any IPv4 or IPv6 address. If not provided, the ClarifyIP API will use a requester’s IP address
callback [optional] Specify a JSONP callback function name according to the JSONP Callbacks section.
output [optional] The output type of the response. Set it to json or xml. (json is a default)
more [optional] Set to user to check your account limits – it will append a user node with number of requests and your limit.
code [optional] Return response in a different code language. Available options are: en, ru, fr, pt-BR, zh-CN, es, de and ja. Read more.

API Response:

      "isp":"M247 Ltd",
      "name":"Los Angeles",
      "name":"United States",
      "name":"North America",
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