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Specify Response Language

The ClarifyIP API is capable of delivering its result in different languages. To request data in any language other than English (default), append the API’s language parameter to your API request URL and set it to one of the supported two-letter language codes.

Supported languages:

  • en – English/US
  • de – German
  • es – Spanish
  • fr – French
  • ja – Japanese
  • pt-BR – Portugues (Brazil)
  • ru – Russian
  • zh-CN – Chinese

Example Request: In the following example, the language request is set to de, which stands for for German.


Example Response: The API now responds in German.

      "isp":"M247 Ltd",
      "name":"Los Angeles",
      "name":"Kalifornien" --translated
      "name":"Nordamerika",  --translated
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