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Error Messages

Whenever a requested resource is unavailable or an API call fails for some other reason, a JSON error is returned. Errors always come with an error code and a description.

Example Error: The following error is returned if your monthly API request volume has been exceeded.

   "error":"Requests limit reached. Please upgrade your account."

Other Errors:

Invalid API key. API key is invalid or missing in the request parameters.
Requests limit reached. Please upgrade your account. Requests limit reached.
Failed to look up by IP. IP could not be found in the Geo Database.
User invalid or not found. User is banned or removed from the system.
Your account has been suspended. Account is suspended.
Requests from this domain are not allowed. API requests are prevented from the requesterer domain.
Invalid request. ClarifyIP is using multiple algorithms to prevent unusual traffic and the request is blocked.
Requests from this IP are not allowed. IP is not allowed to request ClarifyIP API.
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