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Response Objects

Depending on your subscription plan and the options you select for your API request, the ClarifyIP API will use a series of different objects. Please find below the list of all available API response objects explained.

Response Object Object Content
Property Description
asn Anonymous system name
ip IP address
isp Internet service provider
type IPv4 or IPv6
Property Description
name City Name
id City ID
Property Description
metro_code Metro code
longitude Geo longitude
latitude Geo latitude
languages A wide range of languages
calling_code Various calling_codes
flag Country flag
emoji Emoji flag
Property Description
name Country name
id ID of the country
code Country code
code_3 A three-letter code of a country
Property Description
code Region code
name Name of the region
Property Description
code Continent code
name Name of the continent
time_zone If available.

Property Description
id Time zone city.
zip Zip code if available.
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