Full Set of Features

ClarifyIP is a REST API service for performing IP Lookup and Reverse IP Lookup.

User IP Location data:

Highlighted features Free Standard Business Enterprise
Monthly requests 3,000 50,000 500,000
Domain access
Block Curl access
IP blacklist
Multilanguage support
XML output
JSONP output
JSON output
Basic Analytics
Advanced Analytics (Segmentation)
API response features
Connection details (protocol, connection type)
ISP details
City details (id and name)
Region ID and name
Country (id and name, *in_eu)
Country code with 3 letters
Continent details (Name, id and code)
Latitude and longitude (*metro_code)
Region language
Calling code
Country flag
*Time zone
*ZIP code
Priority support
*Some of the data will be returned only if available.

One request refers to one HTTP/HTTPS GET request to the ClarifyIP™ API.

ClarifyIP’s geolocation web service is a REST API. It provides a service which does a reverse IP location lookup for country code, region or state, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP/postal code coded in ISO 3166. Also, it does a reverse IP location lookup for company name, domain name, area code, and country flag.

Submit a query string and a set of parameters using the ClarifyIP REST API service, and you will receive users’ IP location-data immediately. Data is derived from the IP2Location™ index, which contains over 4 billion unique IP addresses.