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Specify Response Language

The Clarifyip API is capable of delivering its result set in different languages. To request data in a language other than English (default), append the API’s language parameter to your API request URL and set it to one of the supported 2-letter language codes.

Supported languages:

  • en – English/US
  • de – German
  • es – Spanish
  • fr – French
  • ja – Japanese
  • pt-BR – Portugues (Brazil)
  • ru – Russian
  • zh-CN – Chinese


Example Request: In the following example request the language is set to de for German.


Example Response: The API now responds in German.

      "isp":"M247 Ltd",
      "name":"Los Angeles",
      "name":"Kalifornien" --translated
      "name":"Nordamerika",  --translated


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